Mining Department

The mining department distributes a range of products and equipment for mining and quarrying as well as construction.

We offer a stock:

      - Fibertex Geotextiles

      - Hardox Hard Plates

      - Explosives, nitrates, detonators

      - Drilling tools


Fibertex is a manufacturer of high performance geotextile designed for industry and construction. Several of these fields of application are road works, construction, earthworks, drainage and filtration, burial and hydraulic works.

Our specialists can carry out a design study free of charge and advise you throughout the project.

logo fibertex 

Special steels

Madecasse in partnership with Hardox is the exclusive distributor of wear parts in Madagascar. They are materials of high strength, extreme hardness and a relatively light weight.

Our wearing plates are suitable for welding, forming and machining of grinders, screens, feeders, skips, chutes, wearing blades, conveyor belts, buckets, knives, toothed wheels, dumpers ...

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Two manufacturers are working with the company including Titanobel, the leader in industrial explosives manufacturing, and Davey Bickford, a pyrotechnic initiation company in terms of detonators and firing systems for the mining, quarrying and Public works.

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You can consult our online catalog here. For any studies or other information, you can write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on +261 32 11 043 43.