CPW Products Department

Company Madecasse distributes products for structural works, earthworks and the second work.

As a partner of the Sika brand, our building chemistry products are renowned for their quality. Sika is one of the leading manufacturers of materials for the construction industry (waterproofing, bonding, additives, concrete admixture, insulation).

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Building chemistry

      Concrete Admixture

In Madecasse, our technicians are able to:
      - accompany you in concrete formulation
      - follow-up of a site using concrete admixtures

The admixtures are incorporated into the mixing of the concrete in a maximum of 5% of the weight of the cement. They improve the qualities of concrete in the fresh or hardened state for ease of implementation and better resistance.

We can supply superplasticizing solutions, plasticizers, air trainer, water repellent, setting accelerator or retarder.


The manifestations of water and humidity in buildings have disastrous consequences on the durability of materials. For more than 100 years, Sika has been developing products and systems for waterproofing and offers complete, reliable and long-lasting solutions for new and renovated building and civil engineering.

The range provided by Company Madecasse in terms of sealing includes:
      - High-performance sealing strips
      - CSTB certified bituminous membranes
      - polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy coatings
      - mortars and coatings
      - geomembranes


Together with the competence and know-how of our technicians in the field of the application on site, to buy a Sika and Afrique Étanchéité product at Madecasse gives you a true guarantee of advice and service.




FIBERTEX geotextiles are used for many applications: road works and construction, drainage / filtration. Their technology offers superior performance to the competition. Thus, for the same thickness, the FIBERTEX geotextiles offer better properties of mechanical and chemical resistances.


We offer geomembranes, used in civil engineering for the sealing or waterproofing of soils. Geomembranes are mainly used in structures requiring efficient and durable waterproofing: technical landfills or retention ponds.
Afriflex geomembranes offer high resistance to tearing, punching and external temperature variations.

     Waterproofing membrane

We put at your disposal our know-how for all your bituminous waterproofing works (roofs, terraces, balconies, parking, underground walls, industrial roofs).
In partnership with recognized manufacturers and certified products, our solutions are durable, efficient and simple.


Second work

      Seals and adhesives

Sika is also a specialist in polyurethane sealants and adhesives. Thus, the use of a SIKAFLEX is the fast response to all applications on site: joints and cracks treatment, caulking of joineries and flexible and watertight bonding of elements. In Madecasse, we offer a complete range to meet your requirements.

      Plasterboard and false ceiling

Madecasse also offers plaster solutions for interiors and insulation of buildings including plasterboard. They allow the realization of construction systems covering most of the traditional applications of the second work.

      thermal insulation

Thermal insulation saves the environment, saves on heating costs and improves comfort. In this sense, Company Madecasse offers its customers a wide range of mineral wool and glass wool.

You can consult our online catalog here. For any studies or other information, you can write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on +261 32 11 043 01.